Inside Trak is unlike any other job search engine or workplace reviews site you’ve every used. Why? Because it combines no-holds-barred, anonymous workplace reviews with tens of thousands of live jobs. This allows you to find the best available current opportunities PLUS decide if the workplace is a good fit for you.

Our community is about ‘people helping people find a better job’ so we do ask that you submit a review prior to seeing everyone else’s. That’s only fair, right?

Everything else is pretty straightforward. But in case there are still some things you’re wondering about, just check Frequently Asked Questions below. Good luck in your quest!

Q. How anonymous is my review?

A. Providing your name is optional as is listing your job title and location. Protecting user anonymity is the number 1 founding principle of our website, but feel free to check out our Community Guidelines and Privacy Policy for more detail.

Q. Is it somehow disloyal to provide a review about where I work(ed)?

A. No. You’re only sharing information about your personal experience and (thankfully) in our society your opinion is yours to share. Providing a realistic perspective also allows potential employees to make an informed decision, and that’s a good result for them and the employer.

Q. Once I provide a review can I see everyone else’s reviews too?

Yes, absolutely.

Q. Can I mention my boss or co-worker’s names in my review?

A. No. We’re really only looking for comments on the workplace as a whole rather than individuals, so this is not allowed. Please see our Community Guidelines for more information.

Q. How honest should I be in my review?

A. You should be completely honest about your experience, while also being fair, constructive and evenly pointing out the pros and cons.

Q. What do I do if I see a review that is inappropriate or offensive?

A. We rely on members of the community to inform us when this occurs, so please be sure to click the ‘flag this as inappropriate’ button. We’ll review it within 24 hours and if it breaches our Community Guidelines, we’ll take it down.

Q. Why can I only provide a workplace review from the last 3 years?

A. That’s to keep the information fresh, up to date and relevant for other members of the community.

Q. Why do I often go to another website when I click on a job on Inside Trak?

A. Unlike other websites we don’t force advertisers to come to us, we go to their site to collect the latest jobs so you can search for them in one place. By not charging advertisers we maximise the total number of jobs on Inside Trak.

Q. Are reviews for recruiters different from reviews for employers?

A. Kind of. Reviews for third party recruiters describe what it’s like to work at that recruitment firm, rather than their clients. It should be a good indication however of what that firm is like to work with as a candidate. Happy recruiters make great candidate advocates.